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Reasons Why Most People Prefer Cremation Services

Published: May 20, 2020

Over the centuries, people have been celebrating important transitional periods in their lives through different, unique ways. While there are ceremonies dedicated to commemorate the happiest times in one’s life, such as weddings and graduations, there are also rituals made to memorialize one’s passing—funerals.


Today, the methods on how funerals are officiated have been changing with the practice of cremation becoming remarkably prominent across different countries and societies. But what is it about cremation services that make them one of the most preferred options in honoring the deceased?


Lesser Cost

Traditionally, interments can be considerably expensive depending on how they are arranged. Typically, these would require an embalming process, a casket, and of course, the burial ground—all of which can be costly when purchased altogether. Cremation is less burdensome financially; the bereaved only need to worry about one expense, saving them a huge portion of the funeral costs.


More Options in Choosing the Final Resting Place

A novel change from the long-held practice of having the remains interred in a plot in a cemetery, cremation offers the bereaved an opportunity to keep the remains of the departed wherever they wish. Most have the ashes scattered at the deceased’s favorite place. Some opt to place them inside an urn and kept at home. Thus, cremation presents families more options on how to preserve the memories of their dearly departed.


Simplicity and Flexibility

Cremation ceremonies usually entail a simple arrangement that allows loved ones to mourn and to pay their last respects in solemnity. The bereaved is given ample time as well as the freedom to make any personal changes to the event. Whether they wish to schedule the funeral at a particular time or place, families and friends can always modify it accordingly.


Celebrate the Life of Your Loved One With Us

Gamez & Sons provides low-cost funeral services with one goal in mind: to pay tribute to a person who once walked among us. Our team of knowledgeable and compassionate staff is here to help you create a heartfelt remembrance through our cremation and burial services. Just reach out and let us know about your preferences and options.

What You Should Look For in a Funeral Home Service

Published: May 1, 2020

Even in your hour of grief, you’d still want friends and family to be given a chance to honor and celebrate the person they once knew.  Choosing a company that will meet your needs and wishes for special funeral and cremation arrangements for a dearly departed therefore becomes essential.

With all the businesses offering the same promise of a proper venue for such tributes, it can be very difficult to make a sound decision especially when you are in mourning. While there’s no formula for it, here are a few tips on what to look for among prospects for a funeral service:

Offers a Safe and Well-Kept Facility
During a memorial service, it’s important that the bereaved are able to honor the deceased in solemnity. A funeral home should prioritize keeping their facility clean and free from any possible disruptions, such as outside noises as well as other security issues. Check if place is spacious enough to accommodate an unexpected number of visitors so everyone can pay their last respects to their dearly beloved comfortably.

Values Transparency on Fees
Funerals can be costly depending on a client’s special requests and the type of service they prefer. It is best that the members of the bereaved family agree on a budget to avoid any costly surprises. Value a service provider that presents a complete price list that covers the basic service as well as itemizes things they can opt not to take.

Willing to Accommodate Religious, Cultural, and Personal Needs
Not everyone shares the same beliefs and preferences. A funeral home should acknowledge such diversity and be willing to address every client’s unique needs. You found a gem if the service provider is open and responsive to different backgrounds and beliefs.

Dedicate a Lasting, Beautiful Tribute For Your Loved One
Gamez & Sons does what is expected from a good funeral home such as providing you with clean facilities, offering an honest and good value for your money, and accommodating your personal requests. We understand that you’re going through a difficult time, and we want to help you honor your loved one in the best and the most appropriate ways possible. Contact us now for funeral and cremation arrangements.

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