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5 Common Reasons People Choose Cremation

Published: September 27, 2017


While it may not be something you are considering right now, it is important that you start thinking about planning your own funeral. Not only is this to ensure your family is as prepared as possible when the time comes, but planning your own memorial service is the best way to get exactly what you'd like.

One of the biggest questions to ask when it comes to funeral planning is if you'd like to be cremated or have a casket burial. Depending on your personal preferences, there are plenty of benefits to both. Here we explain some of the most common reasons why people are choosing cremation services for their final disposition method.

  1. Popularity

    Cremation is simply a more common practice in the United States (though only by a small margin). According to the National Funeral Directors Association, 48.5% of the deceased in 2015 were cremated, while 45.5% were buried.

  2. Affordability

    On average, cremation costs a full 40% to 50% less than a traditional ground burial. This is because in many cases it does not require a grave, a headstone, or embalming.

  3. Flexibility

    When someone gets cremated, the urn is very easy to transport and store. This means you can have whatever kind of ceremony you'd like and don't have to worry about planning cemetery arrangements. You can even hold off on having the memorial service for a little bit to make it easier on your friends and family to join.

  4. Ashes can be scattered in the departed's favorite place

    Some people don't want to be buried in a cemetery because they believe it will create one mourning place for their loved ones. Instead, they opt to be cremated and have their ashes spread at their favorite spot so their final resting place can be more personal.

  5. Environmental impact

    There are some concerns that a typical burial is rough on the planet. Some people have brought up concerns that caskets aren't completely biodegradable and that burial vaults pollute the ground. If this is a concern to you, being cremated may be a good choice.

There are plenty of benefits of choosing cremation, including flexibility, affordability, and personalization of your own memorial service. If you are interested in learning more, do not hesitate to contact our experienced funeral directors today.

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