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Memorial Services: Choosing the Right Location

Published: January 10, 2018

memorial service locationsWhen it comes to planning a funeral, one of the factors that will need to be considered is the location of the service. There are a variety of options for memorial service locations, so it's important you choose one that feels appropriate for the deceased. This article will serve as a basic guide to choosing between memorial service locations.

First, you should start by taking any wishes the deceased had into consideration. If the deceased had prearranged their funeral or had told you of their wishes, you should try your best to honor them. In doing this, you will not only relieve yourself of having to make the decision, but you will be respecting your loved one's desires.

If the deceased did not have any plans or make their wishes known, then it's up to you to pick a location. If your loved one regularly attended a place of worship, that may be a reasonable location for the ceremony to be held. Funeral homes often will work with you to ensure all funeral arrangements are handled according to your plans. In fact, according to 65% of a Harris Poll survey respondents, funeral homes and funeral directors are the best source of information when it comes to making funeral arrangements. With that in mind, it's important to find a funeral director who is able to help you through the process.

If the deceased did not regularly attend a place of worship, then it's best to look at memorial service locations that match the personality and values of the deceased. There are a lot of options, both traditional and nontraditional, that you and your family can consider. A traditional service could consist of a ceremony in a church or funeral home, but you can also opt for a nontraditional service at home or at a special location.

In the end, it's important to choose a location that you think is best. Unfortunately, planning a funeral can be a difficult process. However, it's important to remember that the service should reflect the life of the deceased and allow those in attendance to remember the wonderful memories they shared with them. No matter what location you choose, all that's important is that everyone who loved the deceased is able to come together and pay their respects.

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